Pani varagu Adai/ Proso millet Adai.


Prosomillet  is a grass variety and is used as a livestock feed.It is not related to other millets like Foxtail millet , Barnyard millet or finger millet . Like wheat it has high protein content but the value of amino acids is substantially high . Health promoting phenolic compounds are readily available and high calcium content favour bone health and dental health .  So ample reasons to include Prosmillet in our menu.

Adai is a lentil pancake.

Proso millet is called panivaragu in Tamil

Usually rice and a variety of lentils is used to make Adai. Nowadays millets gaining popularity rice is replaced with millets. There in no specific recipe for Adai. Each house hold boasts of a recipe. i follow my grandmother’s my  own and add some spice items to get a different taste.

The combination i used for Prosomillet Adai is.


1. Prosomillet/ Panivaragu -1 Cup

2. Tuvar Dal -1 /2 cup

3. Channa Dal  -1 /2 cup

4.Urad Dal -1 /2 cup

5.Moog dal – 2 tbsp

6. Red Chilli -5 to 6

7.Small onions – 5 to 6

8. Garlic – 5 flakes

9.Ginger -1 inch piece

10.Saunf -1 Tsp

11.Hing – 1 tsp

12. Grated Coconut -2 tbsp

13.Salt – As needed.

14. Coconut oil – 5 tsp


  1. From items 1 to 5 wash and soak together in enough water.
  2.  Soak for two hours.
  3. After two hours drain the water from the soaked ingredients and grind in a mixie little by little. A coarse  batter is needed.The adai maavu has to be grinded and used immediately. It should not be allowed to ferment.
  4.  Add garlic and other ingredients (Items  6 to 12) to the batter and grind.
  5.  Finally add salt and mix well.
  6.  If you want you can add cut onions., Murungai keerai or Vazhaipoo to the batter.
  7.  Ina hot tava add oil and spread the batter into thick circles. Add a tsp of oil and slow cook. Flip to the other side and again add atsp of oil and cok well.
  8. Adai goes well with Avial.
  9. But it itself being heavy Jaggery is enough.

    Serve steaming Paniivaragu Adai with Powdered Jaggery.


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