Andhra Puliyohara.


Andhra Puliyohara is an idea  i got from  Raks Kitchen and i surfed the web for many recipes . Finally i remembered my friend’s recipe and followed hers . The recipe is here.


1.Rice -2 cups

2.Tamarind extract -2 -4 cups

3.Salt – to taste

4.Oil -2 tbsp

5.Gingelly oil – 1 tbsp

6.Hing – 1 dash

7.Mustard Powder -2 tbsp

8.Mustard seeds -1 tbsp

9.Cumin seeds -1 tsp

10.Dry Red chilli -5

11.Green chilli – 4 or 5

12.Ginger – 1 .5 tbsp

13.Urad Dal – 4 tsp

14.Channa dal- 4 tsp

15.Groundnuts  -3 tbsp

16.Curry leaves -3 stems

17.Jaggery  – a small piece


1. Soak a ball of tamarind and extract juice from it .

2.In a pan add oil and when hot add hing, little jaggery , little salt and the tamarind juice. Let this boil in slow flame till you get a thick paste. then switch off the flame.

For the  Rice 

3.Cook the rice in the ratio 1:2 rice and water and spread it in a plate .

For the mustard powder 

4.Roast the mustard seeds in a dry pan for few minutes and grind it in a mixie for few minutes,

 For the  tempering

5.In a pan add oil and then add hing, mustard seeds ,cumin seeds, ground nuts , channa dal, urad dal, dry red chilli, curry leaves , green chilli , crushed ginger  and fry well.

Now for the Actual preparation:

6. Add a dash of turmeric powder, salt , mustard powder   and gingelly oil to the rice and mix well. Then add the tamarind extract and the the tempered ingredients. Mix well and serve  after 2 hours so that the juice gets inside the rice.


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