About Me.


i am a Housewife and live in Singapore. The urge to start a blog came from browsing sites like Prema’s culinary, Fourth sense cooking .

The normal way of our life if given an exposure will breed more sophistication in our life is an understanding i got after starting this blog. We may not  not even know about our talents and knowledge. Moreover Life gets a change when we search for  small things like  napkins and colourful utensils  for our blog instead of worrying or thinking about big things .

Also our family members get a new taste in life. i know many recipes but i used to stick to the usual routine which gives a dull feeling and so we search for hotels  to get variety. To sharpen our skills and to bring them out blogging is a good tool.By blogging i tend to surf the web or dig old recipe note books and bring a breeze to my dining table. It is a truth to accept that our kitchen gets a new window and we need one to refill our energy . Surely am  not of a type who broods of doing unpaid work as a house wife but one day it may strike me . So a job done with enthusiasm and also recording all moments here will rejuvenate such dull hours in our grey days .

Other than  that there are may uses .For example  i made murukku for Deepavali and packed for my Husband’s colleagues . One of his friend immediately approached him for a recipe. He could easily direct them to my blog . Technology makes life simple and comfortable.

Thanks to wordpress  for giving a space like this . 

i am a vegetarian so except eggs nothing non vegetarian  is used here .

i have an aspiration to make my blog a self hosting one and a most popular one. i have to do many works. But at present commitments to my kids studies is the goal so may be  after two years i may start big and work more harder.


4 thoughts on “About Me.

  1. Nice to have such a dedicated blogger with us 🙂 Though Even I started my blog a month back i never tot of hitting 100 updates in a month 🙂 great going!! Pls do add follower widget so that i can follow u 🙂 Also do visit my space and add me to ur G+ if you like

    • Thanks for your support , pray that you too will have a good inspiration and will get the energy to do that. follower widget is on Bottom right corner. just click it and will join G+.

  2. usha vijayan says:

    Mother’s Grace
    Happy Mother’s day Durga
    words fail me.
    knowing the love the children have for us and that too hearing from them…..
    we are gifted to have Mother’s children as our children.
    thank you so much.
    love and blessings.
    we all enjoyed the cake.

  3. Thank you very much Aunty. We all are only reciprocating what you all (mothers)have been giving us unconditionally till date and thanks to Shri Appa for giving us good influences and always blessing us to raise our mentality.

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