Maida Cake/ Cocoa Cake.


maida-sweetIt is my long time favourite to make and eat this cake.(: My aunt presented a box full of this sweet when i attained puberty. During Deepavali my Grandmother and maami used to make this cake  . Two varieties one using Chocolate powder and Vanilla flavoured pista cake was made. It was a delight to see them making all these. Sitting at the entrance of the kitchen we used to admire the art of sweet making . My sister to a higher extent,will admire my Grand mother’s talent in presenting and arranging the sweets . Everything in glass  containers, tins painted and the name of ingredients written on it , the neat cuts of sweets, the same pattern in murukkus, the glassy appearance in Karthigai pori urundai. kolams are all my Grandmother Pankajam Paati’s talent. In the midst of making all these she used to make Dosai and serve us on the happy afternoons. My maami a silent partner helped her and she knows about all Paati made. Hmm. those were times when we just watched people and learnt a lot . Now to the Deepavali recipe Maida cake , which my Periamma explained over the phone is a great hit . It is simple to make and is also liked by children . I just tried with 1/2 cup yesterday and it came out well. Hoping to make this for Deepavali . Prema Periamma  is also an expert in making all types of sweets and savories and it is she who teaches even my Paati on all these sweets .



  1. Maida/ APF – 1 cup
  2. Sugar – 2 cups
  3.  Ghee- 1 and a 1/4 cup
  4. Condensed Milk – 1/4 cup



  1. Grease an aluminium plate with ghee.
  2. . In a kadai add ghee and fry the maida well. Use all the ghee.
  3.  Remove the fried maida and  put this a bowl.
  4.  In the same kadai add sugar and a cup of water and make the sugar syrup.
  5.  When the sugar syrup is  being made, add the cocoa powder  and condensed milk to the fried Maida and whisk well.
  6.  Stir the sugar syrup well.
  7.  The one string consistency and further than the some string consistency isideal
  8.  When you touch the sugar syrup it must form a unbroken single line in between your fingers . This is the right consistency.
  9.  Now pour the syrup on the Maida and whisk well.
  10. Note this step is done not on the stove .
  11. Whisk well. Pour the mixture on the aluminum tray.
  12.  Allow it to cool.
  13. Make patterns of your required choice and cut .
  14. Cocoa Cake is ready .


1.We can ad vanilla essence and Pista colour can be added .

2 We can add chocolate Powder too.

3. We can add Khoa or milk powder instead of condensed milk .