Sunday Specials. South Indian Meals -6. Raw Mango Poricha Kuzhambu,Vazhakaai Masala Curry, Pudalangaai Kootu and Vadaams.


Raw Mango Poricha Kuzhambu,Vazhakaai Masala Curry, Pudalangaai Kootu and Vadaams.

Raw Mango Poricha Kuzhambu,Vazhakaai Masala Curry, Pudalangaai Kootu and Vadaams.



Poricha kuzhambu.


One of the common delicacy in our houses is Poricha kuzhambu .In my Mother’s native place Sirkaazhi  this is cooked more often . Just like Thamiraaparani water is the reason for the taste of Thirunelveli  Halwa., Sirkaazhi water must be the reason for this taste.,as when we visited some of our relative’s houses many years before we felt the taste was excellent . Some families still prefer Poricha kuzhambu for dinner . The base for this kuzhambu is   rice water  . The first wash for the rice is done quickly and let off. The second wash should be done by applying a little force on the rice and scrubbing them well. This water is collected and the kuzhambu is made. Brinjal, drumstick, spinach, Jack fruit seed, cabbage,long gourd, sundried Night shade seeds with garlic , Chow chow are some vegetables which can be used .i used  long gourd to cook this and the  recipe is given below.


Tuvar dal -1/2 cup

Moong dal – ½ cup

Long gourd – 1 cup

Sambhar powder – 2 tsp

Turmeric powder – 1tsp

Vengayan Vadagam – 1

Oil and salt.

Rice water.

Rice water.


We can either mix both the dals or take only Moong dal  and make Poricha Kuzhambu . i use both the dals in equal quantities . First pressure cook the dals.


Then the rice to be cooked  can be washed and collected or plain water will also do good. The rice water or water is taken in a heavy bottom vessel. Add Sambhar powder, vegetable , turmeric powder to this  and boil well.


When the raw smell goes and the vegetable is cooked add the dal and cook for some more time.


Add salt. As  no tamarind is used salt should be reduced . When the kuzhambu thickens switch off the flame .


Add oil in a  kadai  and fry the vadagam .


Put this on the kuzhambu . Serve with any spicy curry or fried item like vadavam  or appalam .


Cooking this once a week gives our stomach  rest from tamarind. Santhoshi  matha Viradam  takers who  require cooking with out tamarind  can make this. Instead of the vengaya vadavam we can temper  with mustard and urad dal on viradam days .