i have started this new page to share the Tips i know which can used in Kitchen for cooking or cleaning .i will gradually increase the points.

Part 1

1. Do not throw away the styrofoam pads that come with chilli or any fruit. It can be used as a base to store oil cans.

2. Keeping a cut lemon in the fridge clears the odour and putting a cut lemon in the cooker cleans the cooker.

3.Vinegar can be applied on the edges of tiles where grime settles and the grime can be removed easily with a tooth pick.

4. While using antiseptic solution to mop floors do not immediately switch on the fan and dry the floor . Leave it for a while for the antiseptic to kill the germs.

5. Unripe papaya, Pineapple or any fruit can be stored in a plastic cover to ripen them or can be kept in the rice container to ripen them.

6. Microwaving lemons for 2 seconds will yield more juice.

7. Appalam, Pappads can be microwaved for 1 minute and we can get oil free products.

8.Tamarind with water can be microwaved and we can get instant Tamarind Pulp.

9. Boiling spoons and fork in water Weekly once will give us sterilised spoons and forks.

10. While making curd adding a green chilli functions as a catalyst and hastens the process.

11.Salt and Tamarind should be stored in glass or porcelain bottles.

12.Tomatoes when stored in containers rather than covers stay fresh and do not get damaged.

13. We need not unnecessarily buy Zip lock covers , for storing vegetables we can use the transparent covers which come with clothes This way we can easily see what is inside and we will not leave anything unnoticed.

`14. Kitchen cloths, rags can be washed in water with bleach or sun dried to keep off the germs . Mop cloth too can be soaked in a solution of bleach and detergent before using it for the next time.

15. Whenever possible avoiding cooking in large quantities is a great help for our body system and the fridge too .

16. The best out come of making jams, pickles, cakes in home is we become aware of the amount of ingredients used and stop when we exceed the limit . Store bought although we read the labels is often eaten in more quantities as we do not see the process of how they are cooked and what they are cooked of.

17. Knowing the taste of our family is more important and in our over zealous work we must not forget the choice and health of our family.

18. When using the table top grinder the plastic push inside it must not be near the motor as shown in the picture. This was told by the sales person of this grinder . As it gets heated due to the close proximity to motor it is advisable to place it away from the motor.

19. When we bake it is better to write down the oven temperature and duration required for baking. The next time it will be easy for us.

20. Pressure cooker saves time and energy . Using it whenever possible is good. Gaskets can be placed in the freezer to get that stiffness. Weights and valves should be rinsed in soapy water to get maximum utility of cooker.

Part 2

1. The table top  grinder’s  grinding stone has  a hole in the bottom. We  can either show it in running water and clean the remaining dough in it or else use  an ear bud or a small brush which comes with Bottle brush to clean it  .



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