Onam Sadya.

IMG_20170902_153255_95420170902_13303220170902_13323820170902_133221IMG_20170902_153255_95220170902_13482420170902_13351320170902_13504620170902_13512520170902_135021IMG_20170902_153255_952IMG_20170902_153255_926IMG_20170902_153255_913IMG_20170902_153255_91020170902_13304220170902_133032IMG_20170902_153152_49420170902_13313120170902_13283220170902_132813IMG_20170902_154053_668IMG_20170904_104317_754IMG-20170902-WA0015IMG_20170902_154053_66820170902_090946IMG_20170902_153255_91420170902_09121220170901_14583420170901_183457After a long time am posting only photos.Onam Sadya which i ever longed to taste n try.😁i made a lavish feast of 23 items including rice .Very happy and satisfied to cook such a meal .I must say it is a simple affair with proper planning and organising.i referred sharmispassions,jeyshriskitchen,chitrascookbook and malayali.me for recipes and tips It took 4.5 hrs to make a

meal like this.Previous day i had cut the vegetables .With washing vessels and photographing little bit in between it would have taken such a time .May be if the recipes are well known and with experience i would have finished in 2.5 hrs.Some tips for an Onam meal

1.Grind coconut green chilli jeera paste in bulk almost all recipes include them.

2.Whisk curd.Add turmeric powder and little salt to it.Most of the recipes need it.

3.Peel small onion,slit green chilli and cut curry leaves .

4 Tempering in a whole Mustard jeera curry leaves and red chilli. Almost all recipes need them .Do it in.one go.

5.Grate coconut may 2 .5 coconuts for 3 to 4 persons meal,the previous day itself.

6.Melt jaggery syrup and bring to a thick consistency the previous day itself

7.Print out a Onam meal photo and stick it in a place where one can see n serve .The meal should have labelled pictures.

9.Make nendiran,upperi,pickle and injipuli the previous day

9.Cut vege and arrange in.proper labelled boxes Even plantain and yam can be cut and immersed inturneric added water.

8.Last but not least .Have a happy and open heart n stomach to eat such a wonderful spread.After all we are here to live love and enjoy.

And the menu is



3.Varutharaicha Sambhar

4.Tomato rasam




8.Ladies finger thuvaran

9.Carrot Patchadi

10.Beetroot Kitchadi

11.Carrot beans mezhugupiratti

12 Kootucurry

13.Pineapple puliserry

14 Nendiran

15 upperi

16 Mango pickle

17 Injipuli

18 Rice

19 Ada Pradhaman

20 Paal payasam

21 Chakka Pradhaman .

22 More curry

23 Avial.


Wish you all A Happy Onam.



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