Uluthang Kali.



Ulundhu Kali or Uluthang Kali is given to girls  during puberty time  The Urad dal used in making this strengthens the pelvic bones. The gingelly oil used also benefits a a lot. Last year one of my friend taught me this and not only girls at this age but women can take this often and get relieved from the various pains .

There are various  methods and i am posting the one which i make .


Urad dal flour -1 cup

Jaggery / palm Sugar (Gula melaka )/ karupatti -1 cup

Gingelly oil -2 tbsls



i used store bought Urad dal flour. If grinding yourself , dry roast the urad Dal till the smell comes and then grind in the mill.

The urad dal flour should be roasted well in a pan till the fragrance comes.


Then melt the jaggery in hot water and filter it .

Again heat the jaggery water and when it boils add the urad Dal flour little by little. Mix them properly to prevent lumps.


Add Gingelly oil and keep on stirring this in low flame  at one stage the Kali will  not stick in the sides and  will curdle. This is the final stage. We can store it in the fridge when cool and eat in small measure everyday .

Tip: If the taste is not liked by children add little ghee, sugar and cardamom powder on top of this kali and serve .



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