How to make Coconut Milk?


Yes that is the biggest question before me  as i am really to pen down anything  as  i got a new fervor  to write.Basically extracting milk from coconut involves little bit patience  so i feel difficult to do that  . But the result we get  when we use coconut milk for cooking is awesome and beyond comparison. Using moderate amount of coconut milk and sparing use is always good. After coming to Singapore i have to limit use of coconut . i use only 1 coconut per week . That too it may be carried to next week . Only in rare occasions i use coconut milk . Although we get Preserved coconut milk i prefer to make at home .The reason for limiting the use is the variety we used to get is Malaysian coconut and is used to for extraction of oil. So using it in cooking is better avoided as advised by my friends so Briyani and other food items had the coconut milk ban .And in cooking regular items like Araichu vitta  sambhar , my mother in law’s side are typical customary in cooking the original (our)way but my mother mixes all styles with her sister in law from Palghat what else we can  expect . i remember my mother and chithi doing different types of food together and my grandfather giving them new recipes to cook from magazines. That way we were used to all types of food. i should really thank my chithi Mrs Mahalakshmi Thiyagarajan for introducing us new food and  tastes .All food which is North Indian to us was made by her and we relished the food . We all lived in a big house at R. A. Puram  the ladies of the house took in charge of cooking and serving . Sometimes stone grinder and Coal stove were also used for cooking. As members were more we used to run out of gas  so these arrangements . In the fridge storing water in bottles was  not possible so we used to store in big stainless steel vessels which got the flavour of jasmine flowers which was also stored in the  fridge . My sister and myself still remember Annamalai puram saapadu which had the unique richness and taste . And especially my grandmother Navaneetham paati had a big heart to cook and serve to all. We are really grateful to grow in such a big family which gave us many experiences .

Now having come a long way, from time and into the technology world we are enjoying what all technology could present us . If these  appliances had been in those times  how easy life would have been ….

Now to the making of coconut milk .

This time when i wanted to buy mixie i stressed to buy the juicer jar . A friend of us bought from Chennai and we are really thankful to him for the timely help.  Although priced a little higher than normal ones i like this mixie and the juicer attachment is really helpful and that too in making coconut milk . i am  giving the method.


  1. Coconut  – Grated from half a coconut
  2. Water         – 2 cups


1. The super extractor jar / juicer jar is used for this.

2.Fix the filter attachment to it.

3.Add the coconut shredding or grated coconut  into the jar.(there is a max. line , do not exceed)


4.Place the adaptor, a small white cup on top of it . Close the lid.(For photo purpose i have tilted the adaptor. Do fix it properly)


5.Place the jar on the mixie  and align properly.

6. Pulse 3 or 4 times .

7. Then remove the jar form the mixie , open and add half a cup of water , again place the adaptor and run on Speed 1.

8 .We can see coconut milk collecting  outside the filter in the jar .Stop the mixie



9.You can just tilt the jar and pour it in a vessel.


10. Repeat with another half cup of water . We can take this a second  milk.

11.If needed repeat the process for the third time too.


12. Hassle free, Hygienic without using cloth or hands extracting coconut milk has become so advanced. Thanks to Technology.

13. Extracting fruit juices can be too be done using this is in a jiffy.Those who toil in the kitchen for the love of cooking and serving only can understand the benefits of Preethi Steele Supreme 750  .

Having been used to Preethi Mixie only for 15 years i believe there can be no  other further  advancement in a mixie  .

This mixie require to use the pulse/inch  mode first and then only to add water which gives smooth result .

While  grinding coconut if you simply use shredded coconut inch for 7 to 8 times .

The locking problem which usually arises on a  hectic day is not possible in this as the jar automatically clamps in the mixie.

 Thank you Preethi Steele Supreme 750 .




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