Rava Onion and Oats Dosai.



Most ideal one for those unplanned evenings when we feel lazy yet we want a good dinner. Got this idea from Subbus Kitchen  . This was actually her version for paniyaaram. i decided to make dosais with this Tasty and very quick food to cook. Now for the recipe.


1.Instant cooking Oats -1 cup

2.Rava – 3/4 cup

3.Rice Flour -1 /4 cup

4.Green Chilli – 2

5.Sour Curd -1 cup

6.Mustard seeds -1 tsp

7.Cumin seeds – 1 tsp

8.Cut Green chilli -2 tsp

9.Big onion -2 (Sliced into thin slices)

10.Ginger -1 tsp (Cut into small pieces )

11.Curry leaves – few



1.  Dry roast the oats in a pan for few minutes and keep it aside.

2. Dry roast semolina/ Rava too in the pan and when cool grind together oats and Rava to a coarse powder.

3.Take this in a mixing bowl and add rice flour, salt and sour curd. Add enough water and mix well.

4. Keep it aside for few minutes. In a pan add oil little enough for seasoning and add mustard seeds, jeera , cut green chilli and onion . Finally add ginger and saute well . Add curry leaves at last and add this to the batter.

5. Take a dosa pan  season it with oil and when hot enough pour a ladle of the batter and add a tsp of oil . Cook for few minutes, flip over and cook on the other side.

The unique specialty of this dosa is it does not take a long time like our regular dosai or takes oil like Rava Dosai.

Serve hot and enjoy on a dull evening.




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