Broccoli Soup.


Broccoli with egg is a yummy side dish . Soup with broccoli is also equally good. The half cooked Broccoli is a pleasure to our taste buds . But in the midst of cooking Indian vegetables Broccoli and cauliflower are always forgotten by me . Luckily while doing the maintenance diet after detox i happened to take note of all soups and veggies around me. Otherwise half of my life would have gone cooking the same monotonous way.

How much greedy is my tongue even while dieting?


1. Broccoli Flower  -1

2.White Pepper powder -1 Tsp

3.Milk  -1 /2 Cup

4.Italian herbs  -1 Tsp

5. Salt – as per taste.

6. Oil -2 tsp


1. Wash and separate the broccoli flowers.

2. In a pan add oil and saute the broccoli flowers.

3.. Reserve few for garnishing

4..The remaining flowers when cool should be ground with little water to a smooth paste.

5. In a pan add this paste , half a cup of milk, little water if necessary, salt mix well  and boil in low flame.

6. When the soup is hot enough add pepper powder and Italian herbs.

7..Garnish with sauteed broccoli  and serve Hot.

 A simple and filling choice for Dinner . 



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