Sathu Maavu Paratha (சத்து மாவு பராத்தா ).

சத்து மாவு பராத்தா .

சத்து மாவு பராத்தா .

I had earlier intended to make sweet potatao paratha after reading subbus blog. But i came upon an idea of trying something new . The ragi flour, sathu maavu were in the fridge for many days . i thought Sathu maavu will be ideal as we can get all nutrients in one go. For those who do not know what is Sathu Maavu – a small intro.

Ragi, wheat , horse gram, Almond, Green gram, oats, wheat,corn , Par boiled rice and a variety of pulses and legumes should be dry roasted and grinded in the machine . A small teaspoon of this flour is mixed with milk or water and then added to 1 cup of boiling milk and stirred well to geta a porridge like consistency . We can add sugar and drink. This is an energy booster and one of our neighbour in my Hometown introduced this to us . Those of us who are under weight can drink this. Pregnant women and children can benefit the most . The one i used is bought from the store which is also equally good . Today i used it to make paratha . Till now my family did not find i used Sathu maavu. Now the recipe.

Sathu Maavu – 1 cup
Wheat flour -1 cup
Boiled sweet potato (mashed )- 3
Red chilli powder – 1 tsp
Punjabi Gram Masala – 1 tsp
Salt and oil.

Mix well the flour and powder . Add salt and again mix well.


Wheat Flour and sathu Maavu


Then add mashed sweet potato and  little water and knead well. Its seeme to be hard  but later the dough becomes  soft . Finally add little oil and knead well . It is better  to mash the  sweet potatoes when they are hot .

After 1 hour
Roll it into chapattis . If it sticks or doesn’t stretch , knead the ball again and roll it . If needed put a plastic cover and on it make the paratha. So that it will be easy to put on the tava.



Usually i roll the paratha on one side and cook it one by one simultaneously . Heat the Tava and put the paratha on it . Add little  Ghee or oil and cook well, Slow fire is ideal . Although the size and shape is not like regular ones the taste is different and we get soft parathas . And even two parathas are filling . If you prefer a different taste then go ahead with this .i made Navarathan Kurma for this . Anything spicy will go well with Sathu Maavu Paratha.

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9 thoughts on “Sathu Maavu Paratha (சத்து மாவு பராத்தா ).

  1. Anitha says:

    Hi durga

    Was looking for this recipe.
    I was searching for a way to give sathu mavu, as my kids dont like the usual sathu maavu kanji.
    Can we use the normal potatoes instead of the sweet ones.

  2. Anitha says:

    Hi durga

    I tried it. It came out very well.
    but i dont know how come it was a little sweet. ( i didn’t add sugar).
    So soft.

  3. Anitha says:

    Hi durga
    So nice of u.
    I wont fry ragi for sathu maavu.
    So i doubt whether there will be any digestion problem if the kids have urundai.
    Have u ever done rasagullas?
    If so, pls forward me.

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